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Good Evening sir, How to add clock on the Blog.?

There are many gadgets available online search in Google, for example you can go through this link below

Ask me about IT related questions.


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After Graduation

I was selected for Deshpande Foundation as a Program Manager for “Entrepreneurship Academy” after my graduation. This program was working with the Educational institutes and mainly focusing on MBA colleges, the main intention of this program was to develop entrepreneurship in the college level by providing them with the extra subject of theory and practical learning (experiential Learning). With this they will be having modules on Entrepreneurial motivation training, IT skills, Entrepreneurial activities, talking to the successful entrepreneurs, visiting Enterprises (Site visits) to talk with the CEO and founders to know more about the entrepreneurship in their words, which will motivate them to become an entrepreneur and here in this program the main target group is faculty not the students. And I had a huge role in organizing the site visits and IT trainings for students, and partnered faculties along with coordinating for the modules and talking to the directors and faculties for the updates and improvements of the program.

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Best Movie Maker

After the graduation based on the best performance in their specialization the fellows will be awarded with the best qualities in them during the fellowship and I was again awarded as “The Best Movie Maker”. The movies created by me were the best movies ever created by any of the fellows till the cohort 3.

My movies were liked by everyone in the foundation the creativity in the movies was unique every time, the options I use in movie was the learning for others.

Some of my friends were telling 

“Have you done this in the same software that we are using?”

 “I have never come across these kinds of options in this software”,

These were the comments I was getting when I was presenting my movie.

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Graduation of DFP Cohort 3

I was graduated on 26th Feb 2010, after the successful completion of the DFP I was graduated in the presences of Mr Naveen Jha (CEO Deshpande foundation, India), Mr Prakesh bhat (Best Practices) Program manger Mr Chinnababu and other guest were present on the stage. Along with the graduation certificate and memento, there were special awards in which I was awarded as “Best Technologist” I had trained more than 1000 BVB engineering students and MBA Students within 6 months. This was the happiest movement for me throughout the fellowship I was taken classes for other students on IT. And Teaching IT became my passion and I started my count from 1000 by the end of fellowship.

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Deshpande Fellowship Program Cohort 3

Deshpande fellowship program (DFP), this is a residential program for 7 ½ month by Deshpande Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (DCSE) Hubli. I had joined fellowship on 15th July 2009 for Cohort 3, and the program manger Mr Chinnababu introduced the program. There was a pre training for 45 days in which I had a English and technology classes which was very useful for the fellowship. I had great time in the fellowship with learning by doing, I had modules like Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Social Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Education, livelihood, Advocacy, Accounts, Fundraising etc.  I had visited many NGOs in Hubli, Dharwad and Belgaum like Akashya Patra, Agastya, Samarthanam, Mitan, AME foundation and many others. I had theory classes and visited field for the practical learning after every module I had visited the NGO working in that sector to know more of the achievements and challenges faced/experienced by them which was helpful for me in understand better with the bookish language and live examples. Many guest speaker sessions were organized by DFP like Gururaj Deshpande (founder Deshpande Foundation), Sudha Murthy (co- founder Infosys) , Mr Naveen  Jha (CEO Deshpande Foundation, India), Mr Mani vanan (Commissioner HDMC), Mr Mahentesh (CEO, Founder Samarthanam Trust), Mr Ramji Raghvan (Founder Agastya international foundation) and many others.